Top Tips for boyfriends

You want your girlfriend to both trust and admire you. She’s chosen to be with you, so be confident with who you are, don’t try and be someone you are not. You will both need to adapt as your relationship blossoms which will give you a great foundation for a long-lasting relationship. Here are a few tips to help you be the best boyfriend you can be.

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Communicate well

You may be someone who keeps their feelings to themselves, but your girlfriend will get to know how you are feeling even if you don’t tell her. She will know your true feelings by your facial expression and your body language. Be honest with her about your feelings, about what you’re finding a challenge, what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Try not to shout even when angry about something. It’s good for her to hear you talk, not because she can solve all your problems, but so that she can get to know you better.

Honesty with kindness

Be comfortable with being honest. Be kind when you’re being honest. If she asks you if she looks good in an outfit and you don’t think so, instead of being honest with a direct “No” say that they are nice clothes, but your favourite outfit is another because it shows off her curves better/brings out the colour of her eyes or some other complimentary reason. Allow her to be honest with you too without taking offence.

Trust and be trustworthy

Trust is the base on which your relationship is built. Try not to give your girlfriend any reason not to trust you. If you have any thought that you may regret an action you’re about to take, don’t do it. Trust your girlfriend by telling her how you’re feeling. Trust her with information about yourself that you rarely tell others. If she tells you something that she wants to keep private between you, don’t tell your friends. If you trust her, she will trust you.


If you and your girlfriend disagree on anything, don’t get in a big fight or act in a way where she will immediately give in to you. Don’t ignore her side of the story, try and understand it. Stay calm and compromise. Sometimes it’s worth giving in to show her that you care, such as when she wants a movie night and you want to watch the football. There will be times when she’s busy with work, on a deadline with an application or not feeling well when you’ll have to compromise on a night out with the boys to make things a bit easier for her. She will reciprocate the support when you need it.

Support and Sympathy

Whether you think your girlfriend is over-reacting to an event, put yourself in her shoes and sound sincere with your comfort. In simple terms, a good boyfriend knows when to talk and when to listen; when to offer advice and when to offer sympathy; when to be attentive and when to give her some space.

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Show affection

Not all girls like holding hands in public, but small touches and a hug are some ways of connecting through affection. Remember her birthday and other significant dates and mark these with a gift that suits her style and personality. Give her a gift at any time you want to show her how much you appreciate her being in your life. Try and remember things she has told you that she likes and tie that into your gift ideas. She’ll be happy that you’ve listened and remembered.


Your girlfriend cares about you, but she’s not your mother. So take care of yourself and don’t expect her to always do your laundry, cook you meals or plan your life. You’re not joined at the hip! You each need some space to do you own thing. In fact she will probably like you more if you each have your separate hobbies and interests. Of course, if you have a shared interest then do this together, but have your boys nights out and let her have her girls night out.

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