Your first wedding anniversary – what a year!

When you celebrate your wedding anniversary each year it is an annual renewal of your commitment to one another. Traditionally the first wedding anniversary gift is symbolised with paper, so you’ve an excuse to look at the photographs of your wedding again. This is a time to reminisce about the day, the year you’ve had settling into married life and your plans for the future.couple

Dean and Amanda have been married for just over one year. Here they share their thoughts about their first year and what makes marriage so special to them.

Amanda: “My husband and I” I am still amazed at the strength of that sentence. I am so proud to be Dean’s wife. We lived together for three years before we got married and this year has brought us closer together, more than either of us could have imagined. We’re really a team. Marriage is amazing and has taught us both so much.
Dean: I can’t tell you how many messages of impending doom I got when I announced our wedding. Not all of which were said in jest.
Amanda: We are learning more and more about one another and about married life every day. Marriage is an amazing, life changing, and fun adventure.
Dean: Ignore those who are speak negatively about marriage. There’s lots of reasons to love married life. Like Amanda, I have a positive attitude towards our life now and our ideas, plans and dreams for the future.
Amanda: You come home and your husband, who has just come home from work, has dinner in the oven and a cup of tea waiting for you.
Dean: On my birthday, Amanda worked really hard to make a day to remember. She arranged for tickets to watch my favourite team and then we went for something to eat at the coffee shop where we had our first date. She had been planning this for a long time. It was an awesome day. And night!
Amanda: it’s not all about expensive gifts, though we do make an extra effort for birthdays and other significant dates. I love fine jewellery.
Dean: We hide love notes around the house too. Or I put one in her purse. I find love notes in my golf bag and car dashboard. It’s fun.
Amanda: it’s the simple things that we do to celebrate our love. We kiss each time we meet and each time we part. It’s the long, lingering kisses that I adore when Dean comes home.
Dean: Amanda has a beautiful smile. I want her to be happy, as that makes me happy too. So if that means putting the cap on the toothpaste, I do try.
Amanda: He does try! I love surprise gifts. Dean comes home from work sometimes with a beautiful red rose hidden behind his back for no reason other than he cherishes me and knows I adore surprises.
Dean: I’m less selfish than I was before we got married. I think about what makes Amanda happy. I’d rather buy her a gift and see her smile than buy something for myself.
Amanda: It’s true. Dean always leaves the largest cookie for me. And he buys me wonderful gifts that I wouldn’t justify buying for myself.
Dean: We realised on our first wedding anniversary that we’re our own little family of two. Hopefully family member three will be with us in the next year.
Amanda: Dean is a good uncle to his brother’s kids, they love him. When I saw Dean hold his baby nephew for the first time, he melted and it showed me what a great dad he will be one day.

Dean: And Amanda is amazing at calming friend’s babies. I’ll be so proud to see her holding our own infant.
Amanda: For all the settling into marriage life stuff we’ve dealt with, I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that there is a lot of joy to to look forward to. And we’re working towards that together.
Dean: That’s right dear.
Amanda: The best three words to say to your spouse, even before ‘I love you’!

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